An American Elk Retrospective


- Hardcover with dust jacket
- 8 x 10 inches
- 272 pages
- Over 250 B&W photographs
- $34.95 plus S&H

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A fascinating, comprehensive look at the story of elk hunting in America from the nation’s premiere big game hunting historians.

BPAER_webCoverAfter nearly a century of Records Keeping, the Boone and Crockett Club has dug deep into its records archive and produced the ultimate history book for elk hunting enthusiasts. 

An American Elk Retrospective will take readers back through the evolution of elk hunting and big-game records keeping from the late 1880s up through the 1970s, and is packed with hundreds of amazing vintage photos, historic score charts, records-keeping correspondence, and portraits of award-winning elk. Revisit some of the most publicized and significant elk trophies ever recorded: The legendary Dark Canyon bull taken in 1899 by John Plute, which stood as the World's Record for decades, Fred Mercer's typical American elk harvested in Montana during the 1950s that resulted in a Sagamore Hill Award, William D. DeWeese's non-typical giant that was taken over 120 years ago in Colorado, and many other truly outstanding but lesser-known trophies.

Additional chapters include:

  • Scoring Wapiti - The history of the wapiti category for records keeping and the changes in scoring methods.
  • Distribution - Near the turn of the last century, elk had been nearly extirpated throughout most of their range. From this tragic low, modern-day hunters and conservationists brought them back from the brink.
  • Grancel Fitz - This chapter is dedicated to Grancel Fitz, who had a profound effect on Club activities as one of the fathers of the Club's scoring system. Grancel and his wife Betty are credited with tireless work on the Club's records-keeping program and our North American Big Game Competitions.

An American Elk Retrospective is the essential book for every big-game hunter in North America.